Mark Lichtenstein

Mark Lichtenstein is Chief of Staff, Chief Sustainability Officer, and teaches sustainability and regenerative strategies at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (ESF). He is an associate in the Program for the Advancement of Research on Conflict and Collaboration at Syracuse University in New York State, led Syracuse’s Center for Sustainable Community Solutions and Environmental Finance Center, and served as an expert witness to the federal Environmental Finance Advisory Board.

Mark served eight terms as President/CEO, and is an honorary board member of the National Recycling Coalition (NRC). He co-founded and facilitated the Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands Recycling Partnerships, and has been engaged with sustainability efforts throughout the U.S., and in Belize, Brazil, British and US Virgin Islands, Canada, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. He led a regional solid waste / recycling program in New York, and is the founder of Embrace Impatience Associates. Mark has an M.A. in Public Administration, a Graduate Certificate of Advanced Studies in Conflict Resolution, and a B.S. in Environmental Studies.